What We Do



Snowy White Owl shot at Tommy Thompson Park


Flying Dutchman Photography (A.K.A. Sean Van Dongen) is based on the principle of having fun! A photo will have that special appeal if the photographer is enjoying what he/she is doing. Every time I pack up my camera gear, I am looking forward to capturing a moment in time and seeing how it looks on my computer screen and eventually in print.

Most recently I won the "Peoples Choice" award for the Toronto My Waterfront Photography contest. The above photo was chosen as a winner out of a few thousand submissions "by the people". The moment in time that I captured this snowy white owl, I will never forget. As I focused over the frozen lake at her, she turned and looked directly at me.

I have spent much of my life involved in sports where there was little or no creative outlet. A few years ago after watching my brother Jason (who also had a photo selected in the top 50 of the My Waterfront contest) spend hours upon hours in front of a computer screen, editing photos and reading about the newest and latest digital equipment, I offered to buy his used Canon T1i (as he was upgrading). From that moment, I found my passion and a creative outlet. 

Now, thousands of dollars later, I am equipped with all of the latest in camera bodies and lenses. That is part of the enjoyment of having photography as a passion. You are always trying to improve, either by way of equipment or learning from other's experiences.

So what I hope to achieve here is to provide people with knowledge through my experiences and to show the fruits of my labour.




So, in late 2016 i have decided to do a complete switch on the equipment side and this will also impact what i will be shooting moving forward. I was finding that there just wasn't enough interesting wildlife to shoot (living in Toronto) and I had thousands of dollars in equipment just sitting around. Moving forward, Nikon will be my brand of choice (previously Canon). I will continue to focus on pet photography (portraits), but spend more time with landscape and architecture, but as the system evolves, wildlife and sports will see me again.


Camera Body- Canon 5D Mark iv

Canon Lenses - 50mm f1.8, 85mm f1.8, 17-40 f4, 100-400 Mark ii, 500mm f4 Mark ii

FilterSystem - Nisi/Formatt Hitech 100x100mm

Tripod - Innorrel RT90C, Desmond DLOW-55mm Ball Head, Movo GH400 Gimbal Head